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Why Date Someone You Wouldn't Have As Your Friend?

Posted on June 18, 2022 by Michael Crawford

Sometimes in dating we so often settle for people that we wouldn't normally have as friends? Why is that? Does the desire to be in a relationship outweigh our standards in love that we'll take on a connection with somebody that isn't great for us? I think that we often let loneliness overshadow our standards that we set. We will need to stick with our desires and not engage ourselves into relationships that we would not ordinarily engage in.

So often we find people which are almost right in relationship, but they tend to fall short. They may fall short on frankly, integrity, or their priorities that we've set for ourselves. However, that desire to take part in the connection short circuits the conclusions that we normally have put in place. We tend to be picky when it comes to picking close friends, and we've got levels of friendships with unique people, but sadly with romantic relationships those amounts don't appear to be able to be followed.

Our romantic relationships are like a light switch, either fully on or fully off. Often we don't use the practice of dating for a get to know you period, but instead we participate in closer intimate relationships too fast. Occasionally we've become very involved with somebody before we realize they don't have the qualities that we need the most.

What happens when we realize we are seriously involved with someone that we are not in alignment with in matters which are important to us? We are apt to find ourselves in relationships that are doomed to fail at one time or another. Finally the characteristics that disturbs us today, will be like a terrific divide later in the connection. Its unfortunate but these things will return to haunt the relationship at a certain point and stage in the future.

Perhaps the better approach is to take things slow and easy when first beginning a connection with a new individual. We will need to also take stock of what our true desires are in that other individual before we engage in a romantic relationship, and always judge that individual against what our objectives and values are until we become seriously involved. Knowing what we what in a relationship before participating in a connection will aide us in picking the ideal person before we're in the bridal registry, and while we could safely back from a potential relationship.