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The First Impression is a Lasting Impression

Posted on July 18, 2022 by Michael Crawford

The first date is the most apprehensive, nerve wreaking event in the start of any relationship and it is also the"first impression" and the one thing in life that can never be changed!

OK, so you have talked for months on the computer and on the phone, you have talked about youth to adulthood, good and bad, past relationships, family and everything else in between and you feel you really know this individual and enjoy them enough to meet them in person. The anticipation builds, you talk and you plan, where to go, what to do, what to wear, so many preparations to make a great impression and hopefully start a relationship that will last a lifetime.

In making that first impression, insure that you have been honest with this individual and they have been honest with you, dishonesty does not a fantastic relationship make. Talk with your new buddy and discuss what you want to do, where you want to go, keeping others likes and dislikes in mind. From that point try these ideas to plan an outing that is certain to be a pleasant time for the two of you.

1. Whatever your plans are, have a backup plan in case of cancellation, closing or the weather.

2. Be punctual, plan a specific time and meeting place

3. Talk about the attire for your outing, nothing worse than showing up in a casual attire once your date is dressed more formal.

4. The first date should be brief and informal, about two hours. If after 10 minutes your are cringing in your seat and realize this isn't the one, you can cut it short and proceed, however in case you like them and it's going well, you can always extend the date.

5. Do not talk or bad mouth past partners, talk about your interests, your occupation, hobbies, etc..

6. Restrict alcohol or plan a date where alcohol isn't available.

7. Plan your outing at a public place so as to not intimidate or create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

8. Thank your friend for a wonderful time (regardless) and don't say"I will give you a call" if you don't intend to do so. If the meeting didn't create what you expected, be honest and tell them. Don't give someone false hope of a second date.

Input this meeting together with the idea that you have a new friend, and plan and implement time based on that assumption, if romance doesn't blossom, you still have a friend that you enjoyed talking to. Be conscientious and considerate, someday you may be on the other side of that coin and certainly you'd appreciate honesty as well. Have fun, be open to any possibility and rejection, it's all part of the cycle of life, enjoy the ride.