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Posted on October 22, 2021 by Michael Crawford

It starts with you, and your mindset. There are a whole lot of misconceptions about what type of guys women date. Most guys start thinking, oh they only date the rich guys with thick wallets, or those supermodel guys who look super hot. First off, if you are trying to locate a date, you want to stop comparing yourself to other men. This show is not about those guys with Porsches and Ferrari's, it is about you.

Believing that you could find a date can allow you to become more confident. If regular, you think of yourself as a loser, then frankly, you may remain a loser. Actions need to come from you; the will to succeed and try needs to come out of your desire. Sitting around and feeling like crap will not help to your cause, trust me.

Now that we've focusing on your own, and confidence cared for, most men start to be quite self-conscious about their appearances. Let's face it, not everyone looks like Brad Pitt, and there is nothing you can do about that it's all genetics. Everything you can do, is start changing your habits and push them into song. Brush your teeth regularly, shower everyday, buy some fancy flavour (Axe, Old Spice), comb your hair (gel, hairspray), and most of all wear a comfy yet good-looking outfit depending on where you go everyday. If your still in school or college, wear something casual, if you are low on cash, see some of the cheaper shops possibly in an outlet mall and look for coupons. There is no excuse for not keeping yourself in shape !

Now comes the tough part, facing the real world when approaching a woman. You must break that shy bubble which you are sitting in. Being quiet, and thinking within your head of all of the things you may be doing, won't benefit anything. If you are concerned that you come to work everyday, and if you mess up your life will be destroyed, then do not attempt to discover a date or flirt there! There are a whole lot of social gatherings, clubs, theatres, plays, etc., where there are loads of girls to pick up. You should use this chance to experiment.

Start talking, and joking around, the most important thing of all: try to have some fun. You'll be surprised by all of the success, and even should you say something stupid or silly, there is no need to worry because you are not going to be visiting that person everyday anyhow. Hopefully these are some helpful tips to boost your self-esteem. The key is to make sure, do not sweat, and have a fantastic time.