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Do's and Don'ts for Men on Dating Sites

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Michael Crawford

Being a man and also being the owner of a dating site myself I must tell all my fellow men that you're chasing all the women away. Most of you anyway. Women are keen on how we behave because most of us all behave the exact same way on dating sites. Here's a list of DO's and DON'TS to help keep the women at these sites and to help you get some answers.

1) DON'T copy and paste 25 exactly same emails and send them off. Women see right through this and it get's you no-where. Ever wonder why you do not get answers? That is the first reason. DO send individual emails and put some thought into calling women on these dating sites. REMEMBER: girls get 100 emails every day from all kinds of guys. If your email doesn't have any heart then you simply go over-looked.

2) DO spell check your email, women are so turned off by a guy that can't spell it shows you are either dumb or just lazy. The same thing goes for punctuation. Take a while to get it right guys and you'll find a response.

3) DON'T select a nickname which has a sexual innuendo (unless you're on an adult dating website ). Bear in mind, women usually like guys with some type and Roger_69sU demonstrates that you just want a 1 night stand. Try something more clever.

4) DON'T contact single women if you're married. It's a waste of the time and is an insult. DO read their profile and see if they're interested in married men.

5) DON'T lie. DON'T lie. DON'T lie. Enough said.

6) don't send girls pictures of your"privates". They'll ask if they would like to see that. DO send them a great picture that shows your sense of humor or style.

7) DON'T simply send an email after you see their picture. DO read their profile .

8) DON'T harass women that aren't interested. This destroys the site for everybody and might very well get you banned from the dating website forever. Many websites now have reporting features for this very reason. DO treat others on the site like you were speaking in person to them. You'd harass them to their face would you?

This is only a small collection of some of the very stupid things men do on Internet dating and singles sites. Now of course there are some wonderful guys out there that are honestly searching for a wonderful date or dating so any girls reading this, just bear in mind, we guys are slowing catching up and figuring it out.