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Dealing With A Jealous Date

Posted on September 21, 2023 by Michael Crawford

You venture out to dinner, to the films, or even to the mall, so when you look into someone else your date starts seething. How in the event you handle a jealous date?

Remember, jealousy is frequently about insecurity. Perhaps your glance did linger a touch too long on the attractive person at another table, or possibly you did smile flirtatiously at your restaurant server. If your date's display of jealousy is really a one-time event, soothe the hurt feelings with a reminder that you discover them probably the most attractive person in the area.

Some folks, however, appear to live in a continuing state of jealousy. Every move you make is scrutinized, and when it's deemed inappropriate, the jealous partner may react with rage and fury. Whether their jealousy is due to your behavior or their very own personal insecurities, you may want to measure the relationship again.

Living with a jealous person could be emotionally draining and exhausting. You need to offer constant reassurance, along with be forever vigilante of possible jealousy-inducing situations. Some people feel that they need to constantly avert their eyes from members of the contrary sex, lest they feel their partner's wrath.

If your partner's jealousy is significantly inside your life, you may want to reconsider your relationship. Try talking together with your partner about your concerns. If nothing changes, it could be time to move ahead. And, as always, if your partner's jealousy results in any kind of emotional abuse or assault, leave the partnership immediately.