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Dating Advice: Common Interest Results in Happy Marriages

Posted on January 10, 2022 by Michael Crawford

How often do your married friends complain about husbands who spend weekends on the couch watching games? Did they not notice these guys were sports fanatics while they were dating? Did they think things would change after the wedding?

Life is filled with ups and downs, so it is crucial to marry someone you can have fun with, now and fifty years from now. Here is how you can find that person:

1. Write down a list of those things you like to perform. Then do them. I have a theory that if all of the singles that claim to enjoy long walks on the beach actually took long walks on the beach, they would meet, get married, and also the private ad industry would fall.

If You Want to read, hang out at a bookstore. If the bookstore has a cafe, become a regular there. If you like beer and bands, grab a friend and get to know the faces in a local bar (take a taxi; no drinking and driving, please).

2. Write down a list of items you would love to do but have not gotten around to yet. Would you like to construct a bookcase? Have a look at the list of courses at the local Home Depot. Want to know how to repair your transmission? Take an auto repair program. Women are sure to meet guys there. If you are bent on improving your money management skills, have a finance program. You will probably meet smart, upwardly mobile men and women.

The key to attracting a husband that you can have fun with 10, 25, and 50 years from now would be to do the things that make you happy now.